Startup Specialist Network has an incredible set of resources available that regularly speak at local events.  Below is a list of presentations that network members have presented, but there are a lot more.  And we often have a great time on panels.

If you are planning an event that is for startups and want speakers, just contact Tony Karrer at akarrer@techempower.com.

Startups & Investment

  • Startup Feedback Panel – Real-time feedback to startup founders as they make their pitch – Various Speakers
  • Ten Lessons from Working on 30+ Startups Over the Past 15 Years – Tony Karrer
  • Metrics-Driven Startups – Tony Karrer
  • Enrolling resources beyond & including capital What investor want to know in a start up Compelling Presentation to Pitch & Win Investors – Patrick Henry
  • Entrepreneur’s Essential Check List for Success – John Feeney
  • 15 “Must-Cover” Topics for Investor Presentations and Executive Summaries – Jim Twerdahl
  • Why Business Plans are Obsolete.  What to do to “Sell” Your Investment – Jim Twerdahl
  • Investor Presentations that Sell – Jim Twerdahl
  • Getting your corporate house in order in anticipation of financing – Michael Leventhal
  • Constructing your Pitch Deck and Executive Summary with what investors want to see – Michael Leventhal
  • When you are ready to pitch to investors, you’ll be READY to pitch to investors! – Michael Leventhal
  • Launching a Scalable Startup An Entrepreneur’s Perspective – Tom Nora
  • Building An Effective Business Plan – How To Tell Your Story – Sheri Adams
  • Entrepreneurship – Why Some Succeed While Others Fail – Sheri Adams


  • Technical Advisors: Why Every Startup Needs Two, How to Find and Work with Them – Tony Karrer
  • Stupid Things Founder Say – How to Work More Effectively with Techies – Tony Karrer
  • Evolving Role of Social Networks for Startups – Tony Karrer
  • Matching for Startups – eHarmony Provides a Roadmap for Many Startups – Tony Karrer
  • How Startups are Winning by Wiring into 3rd Party Services and Data – Tony Karrer
  • Why Software Development Goes Bad So Often and What You Can Do About It – Tony Karrer

Marketing and Branding

  • 7 Branding and Marketing Mistakes Startups and Tech Companies Make – Farida Fotouhi
  • How Startups Can Use Branding to Get Faster Traction – Farida Fotouhi
  • What Every Startup Needs to Know about Early Stage Branding – Farida Fotouhi
  • Your Products and Technology are Important, but what real Customers Buy is Much More So – Jim Twerdahl

Accounting, Financial Planning, Valuation

  • Accounting for Startups  – David Ehrenberg
  • Creating a Financial Projection for Fundraising  – David Ehrenberg
  • How Much Money Will You Need?  – Building Projections Based on Business Models – Kelly Lefkowitz
  • What is My Company Worth?  The Art and Science of Start-Up Company Valutations – Jim Twerdahl


  • How To Attract Great Talent – Writing a great job description, sending the email that gets a reply, psychology of the candidate  – Janine Davis
  • Talent in a Fast Growth Company – hiring talent as you transition from early stage to profitability  – Janine Davis
  • Technical Hiring – State of LA – Overall landscape of local tech hiring – Janine Davis
  • Technology Hiring Trends in LA – In demand technologies – Janine Davis
  • How to Hunt for Programmers for Your Startup: A Field Guide – Tony Karrer


  • Intellectual Property 101/securing and protecting your IP – Michael Leventhal


  • Being Careful in What You Buy.  How to conduct due diligence. – Jim Twerdahl