Los Angeles Startup Ecosystem

A robust, vibrant startup ecosystem has always existed in Southern California, but recently it’s reached a whole new level.   What’s often not well represented is the incredible resources through individuals and firms available in all sorts of ways to help entrepreneurs.

This is partly captured by by Represent LA in their map of startups, accelerators, incubators, coworking facilities, investors, service providers and events:


And this really only partially covers what’s going on.  You can certainly find great coverage and lots of events to give you a sense of this.

Great Coverage

Lots of interesting bloggers and information sources as can be found via Socal Tech Central (sign up for the Daily updates) and certainly the leading source of content is found in Ben Kuo’s SoCalTech.

Tons of Events

There are numerous Los Angeles Startup Events and several great startup calendars:

Network of Experts

What entrepreneurs often need is access to specific resources that can help them with problems they face in their startup.  My experience with my own startups and working with lots of other startups, is that you have all of the same kinds of issues that larger companies have, but you don’t have the people involved who have specialized knowledge and skills.  Having a network is critical to getting help with specific issues.

Really, I started Startup Specialist Network because I constantly needed to find people to help with specific issues.  Going through normal networking channels just took too much time.  Especially, when I’m talking to almost one new startup each day because of my Free Startup CTO Consulting sessions.

The reality is that there’s a robust community of people who regularly work with early-stage companies and can provide the expertise needed.  They engage at different stages in the life of a typical startup:


What’s great about the Startup Specialist Network is that we have quick access to people who bring expertise in specific areas.  Early-on it might be the need for a consulting CFO, CTO, CMO.  As the startup grows, the problems grow and firms may be engaged to handle larger sets of needs.

The key for an entrepreneur is knowing that they are doing things right without having to spend time solving particular issues.  Obviously, the robust network of experts that exists in Los Angeles makes that significantly easier.


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