5 Signs Your Startup May Need a CMO for Hire

Blog post written by Jennifer Beever IMCP, CMO for Hire, New Incite

5Marketing is a critical area for start-up success. To get started, you may not need to hire a full-time CMO, but instead a marketing consultant or “CMO for Hire” will do what you need and more within your start-up budget.

Why would a business hire a part-time CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)? Here are a list of “trigger points” – events or situations that often trigger a need for an outsource CMO or other marketing resource at a startup company.

1. The organization needs marketing but doesn’t have the budget for full-time staff

Not every organization needs a full-time, senior-level marketing executive. A CMO for Hire can provide strategic direction, project management and some execution on a part-time basis, providing senior-level expertise but staying within budget.

2. No one on the executive team has marketing expertise

Often products and services get invented and sold, and overnight a business is born. The founding team can often take things pretty far, but at a certain point, they can use some outside marketing expertise to help them get systematic and strategic about marketing so that they grow even faster. The startup company is, as I often describe it, is “selling in spite of themselves.”

3. Current marketing is not working

Marketing money is being spent but greater awareness in the marketplace, leads and revenue are not the results. The startup may need some new strategies and new tactics to get them out of their marketing rut. Marketing has changed dramatically in the past few years, and there are many new tactics that are providing businesses and organizations with results: online and inbound marketing, social media including blogging, lead nurturing, video marketing and mobile marketing.

4. There is no written marketing plan

Lack of a written plan with strategic and tactical marketing information is a sign that a company can use some help. Sometimes the startup has made some assumptions that need to be validated in the process of creating the marketing plan. A CMO for Hire can help them step back, do some analysis and research, validate markets, products and services and put a strategic plan (in writing) in place. Then, the CMO can help them execute the plan.

5. No marketing metrics are being tracked

A startup may “think” their marketing is working, but gut feel or thoughts aren’t concrete results. A CMO for Hire can make sure that proper marketing measurements and reporting is in place so that the organization knows its return on marketing investment as a whole and for each activity.

Whatever your situation, it’s important to consider the benefits of outsource resources, especially when you are starting up. These are just a few of the situations that can warrant hiring an outsource Chief Marketing Officer.

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