About the Startup Specialists Network

The Startup Specialist Network (SSN) is an ecosystem in Los Angeles that connects startups with the specialized knowledge, skills and resources needed at each stage of a company’s evolution. Its central hub is the SSN website.

Members are top-level resources with specialized expertise

A member of the Startup Specialists Network is a senior-level, high-quality resource with proven expertise in a given field. Membership is by invitation only, and consists of carefully vetted people you can trust. Members are experienced, top-level executives (and firms) who have experience working with startups. They’re thought leaders in the Southern California business community.

Our goal is to be the go-to place for startups to find real help. Any resource that wants to become a member should contact Tony Karrer,  akarrer@techempower.com.  Members of the network meet regularly to discuss best practices and share insights.

Clients are startups from early to growth stage

Generally speaking, our clients are startups with a significant technology component, located in the Greater Los Angeles area.  Are you an early stage startup with initial “friends and family” funding? Or are you a later stage company with significant revenue, funding or both, facing issues relating to rapid growth and scaling? In both cases, the Startup Specialists Network is the place to find quick access to highly qualified collaborators in every field.

If you are early stage, you should have access to at least a small amount of capital – or be within sight of your initial funding round.

How clients use the Startup Specialists Network

You can come to us directly (go to Ask An Expert on this site) or, through a referral from one of our members. There’s no fee to use us to build your network. Each of our members is independent. Once connected, you and the member work out your own financial arrangements.

Check out network resources (members) in the network section of the site. Each member has a short capabilities description with links for more detail. Our network members post on our blog, so keep coming back to the site for helpful content and tips as well. Feel free to comment and be part of the community.